Home Staging & Interior Decorating

All of our VIP Clients receive a personal one on one complimentary consultation with our professional Home Stager. Hear first hand what the professionals in the home decor and design think, discuss recommendations and receive your personal and comprehensive home staging report. Alternative staging with furniture and special decor can also be discussed.

Home Staging is the act of preparing your residence for sale in the real estate marketplace by taking a closer look at your existing decorating and living space, including the exterior. The goal of staging your home is to remove clutter, personal effects and excess furniture and other items to maximize the room sizes. Sometimes this requires painting, changing of flooring and fixtures, for example. Ultimately, a small cost to achieve a higher resale price.  
Whatever the changes are, big or small, you can rest assured that the outcome will help to maximize your property's appeal.  By transforming your property into a more welcoming one, a buyer will see more value in it and be able to imagine themselves living there. It's all about winning their attention and striking an emotional chord with them. With 98% of buyers shopping online before they actually call a Realtor, this is your first opportunity to impress.

Before Home Staging:

After Home Staging: