Suzanne Picard, Sales Representative & Team Leader

When I first considered entering the Real Estate market as a Sales Representative it was at a time when my established Consulting and Project Management career was in full swing and, to be honest; I wasn't looking at other avenues. It was during a vacation and on the advice of a good friend, where the decision to sell Real Estate was made.

My friend inspired me to contemplate a career in Real Estate because she saw something in me, outside of my knowledge and corporate experience as having the keen ability to work with the public. She was convinced that I would exceed the expectations of Buyers and Sellers by making a difference in the industry with my professionalism, inspiring ideas, creative nature, dedication, and knowledge.

I followed her advice and obtained my license in 2007 and immediately focused on my Clients.
I introduced what I knew best; an authentic and real approach to buying and selling Real Estate. It was effortless because it was what came naturally to me. That conversation took place over a hot coffee, in a remote cottage over a decade ago. It is still a topic of conversation and one that I look back upon with contentment and gratitude; forever thankful that it took place. In a very short time frame, I’ve watched my business flourish because I was doing what I loved to do. It was second nature to provide my Clients with the absolute best client service that I could imagine. My efforts and dedication resonated and I quickly gained the ongoing respect of client referrals and repeat business. Today, I don't believe there is any secret to my success outside of just being honest, caring, trustworthy, knowledgeable and professional. I value each Client and the personal satisfaction I get with a smile, hug or tear. These moments are real and they make me realize why there is no other career in the world for me! I am naturally determined to accomplish whatever goals I set my mind to and I won't give up easily until I have reached the finish line. Whether it's mentoring the other Sales Representatives on my Team or delivering professional service to my Clients, I guarantee it will be done with an attention to detail, with style, precision and nothing short of perfection and professionalism.

From one happy success story to another this is rewarding for me personally and professionally and I would not have it any other way.



Delivering Exceptional Customer Service 

"Connecting with Suzanne was the best decision I could have made with her insight and concern for me the entire process was a positive experience. She was with me every step of the way. Suzanne is the only Realtor I will ever work with. I couldn't be happier with my home and I owe that to her that I have it!"
- Steve, Innisifil

"Your gift basket was spectacular and we just wanted to let you know that it is very much appreciated and everything will be used with fond memories of what a wonderful job you and your Team have done in selling our house. You and your Team made the process of selling our home less stressful and we are grateful for this. You are a First Class Realtor and Lady all the way, it has been a pleasure meeting and working with you. Warmest regards." 
- Renata & Doug, Barrie

"We just wanted to say thank you for everything you did and how hard you worked to get us our dream home. It definitely was an uphill battle, but we honestly don't know if it would have come to fruition without your perseverance, tenacity and professional instinct. We are forever grateful to you for making our dreams come true! Warmest Thanks!"
Matt & Laurie, Barrie